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Boston 10-05-01 2cds
Kingston NY 05-16-07 2cds

Welcome to my Nightmare 1vcd
Detroit MI 1972 1cd
New York 09-13-91 1cd


Cincinnati OH 08-24-95 1cd


The Bon Scott Yrs 1 DVD
Live 77-78 w/Bon Scott 1 DVD pro
The Roadie Tape w/videos 1 DVD
Then There was Rock- 1973-1980 1dvd

George WA 08-18-91 2cds
Gregg Allman w/Warren Hayes
09-02-06 Morrison CO 1cd
All 2009 Beacon Theatre shows ->
( 3 dvds and 1 cd- all in flac format)

New York 09-18-76 2cds
The Last Waltz 4cds

TV Comp 1 DVD

Bozeman Montana 08-19-01 2cds
Tweeter MA 07-30-99 2cds
Florida 08-02-98 1cd


Smile 1cd
Brian Wilson London UK 02-24-04 2cds
Heroes and Villians 1cd

Beatles & Stones Sing this All Together 2cds
Live at Budakon 06-30-66 1 VCD
The Making of "Get Back" 1 VCD
Houston TX 08-19-65 (both shows) 1cd
Sessions 1cd
The Ed Sullivan Performances 1cd
Studio 2 Sessions Vol 1-4 4cds
Complete Rooftop 01-30-69 1cd(Let it Be Rehearsals Vol 1)
A&B Camera-Twickenham 01-03-69 1cd
Its Not Too Bad-Vigotone 1cd
Complete Holllywood Bowl 64-65 1cd
Vancouver/Chicago 1964 1cd
As Nature Intended 1cd
Hodge Podge 1cd
Unsurpassed Demos 1cd
Sea of Green 1cd
Acoustic Masterpieces-Esher demos 1cd
Peter Sellers Tapes 1cd
Another Tracks of Rubber Soul 2cds
White Album Outtakes 2cds
Sgt Peppers Memorial Box 2cds
Magical Mystery Boy 2cds
Alternate Revolver 1cd
Alternate Abbey Road 1cd
Alternate Magical Submarine Tour 67-2cds
John Lennon Anthology 2cds(Invasion)
Watching the Wheels (Lennon) 1cd
Dakota Demos 1cd(Lennon)
Hushed Bells Over 1cd (Lennon)
Lennon Anthology Vol 1-4 4cds(Capitol)
The Dirty Mac Sessions 1cd (Lennon)
A Toot and a Snore 1cd
The Dream is Over 1cd(Lennon)
John Lennon 60th Birthday Radio Special 2cds
Brandy Alexanders and The Wall of Sound 3cds
Absolutely Elsewhere 1cd(disc 1 only)
Lennon Acoustic Demos 1cd
Listen to this Radio Show 09-28-74 2cds(lennon)
Mojo Working 1 vcd (lennon)
Life Begins at 40 3cds (lennon)
Bed in for Peace 1vcd (lennon)
Video Collection 1vcd (lennon)

Vancouver 10-01-00 1cd


CMT Studio 1 DVD w/ Martina Mcbride

London UK 03-29-72 1 VCD
Seattle 09-01-80 1cd

1975-1977 Live 1 DVD


From Nowhere to Everywhere 1cd Flac

08-02-93 Minny MN 1cd Flac

10-17-95 Boulder CO 1cd Flac

Montreal Que 03-xx-89 2cds(fm broadcast)

Toronto Ont. 04-12-03 3cds

Japan 03-30-98 1cd(w/Elton John)


Dylan Compilation #1 1dvd
Dylan Compilation #6 1 dvd
Christiania disc 3+4
Cedar Rapids Iowa 04-03-00 1dvd
11-14-04 1dvd
Hard To Handle VCD 1cd
Hard Rain VCD 1cd
2002 UK VCD Comp 2cds
Genuine Basement Tapes 5cds
Tree With Roots Comp(Scorpio Version) 4cds
Gaslight New York Oct 62 1cd
Folksingers Choice 03-11-62 1cd
Finjan Club Montreal Que. 07-02-62 1cd
Freewheelin Outtakes 1cd
If You See Her, Say Hello Comp. 1cd
Gotta Serve Somebody Comp. 1cd
Blood on the Tapes 1cd
Manchester UK 1965 1cd
We Had Known a Lion LA Cal 09-03-65 2cds
Studio Outtakes from 65 -66 1cd
Nashville Skyline Sessions 1969 w/J. Cash 1cd
Oh Tramps,It Ain't No Lie 07-26-99 w/filler 2cds
Newport Folk Festival 07-25-65 1cd(Folk Rogue 64-65)
Austrialia w/The Band 04-13-66 2cds
New York 12-08-75 2cds
New Orleans Rolling Thunder Revue 03-05-76 2cds
Toronto ON 04-19-80 1cd Rock Solid
Westwood One 86 (w/Petty) 1cd
Berkeley CA 06-10-88 1DVD(w/Neil Young)
Wantaugh NY 06-30-88 2cds -sbd
Detroit MI 11-18-90 2cds
Seattle 04-27-92 2cds-w/filler
Supper Club New York 93 1cd
Woodstock 08-14-94 1cd
London Ontario 05-12-96 2cds
Copenhagen Denmark 07-23-96 2cds
Minn MN 10-23-98- 2cds-Eating Caviar in a King Size Bed
Blue Eyed Boston Boy 2cds
Guided by the Eternal Light 2cds
Eugene Oregon 06-14-99 2cds
Maryland Heights MS 07-10-99 3cds (w/Paul Simon)
2000 Acoustic Comp 4cds
Portland OR 06-16-00 2cds(w/filler)
Toronto 07-18-00 2cds
Bloomington IN 11-01-00 2cds
Spokane 10-05-01 2cds
Seattle 10-06-01 2cds
Denver CO 10-26-01 2cds
Detroit 11-09-01 2cds
All Ages Catch Dylan(02-09-02-Atlanta GA)2cds sbd
Strasbourg France 04-25-02 2cds
Red Bluffs Cal 10-07-02 2cds
Sacramento CA 10-09-02 2cds
Kent Ohio 11-03-02 2cds
New Orleans 04-26-03 2cds
Louisville Kentucky 04-30-03 2cds
Atlantic City NJ 05-09-03 2cds
New York NY 08-12-03 2cds
New York NY 08-13-03 2cds
London UK 11-25-03 2cds
Chicago Il 03-05-04 2cds
Detroit 03-15-04 2cds
Detroit 03-16-04 2cds I WAS THERE
Detroit 03-17-04 2cds
Toronto ON 03-19-04 2cds
Toronto ON 03-20-04 2cds
Toronto ON 03-21-04 2cds
Detroit 2004 Comp 2cds
Seattle WA 03-07-05 2cds
Detroit MI 04-12-05 2cds(I WAS THERE)
Karlstad Sweden 10-20-05 2cds
Brussels 11-01-05 2cds
Columbus OH 08-13-06 2cds
London ONT 11-03-06 2cds
Spit out the Document 1cd( Bob Dylan and the Hawks 1966Reconstructed from Dylan's hacked up edits for the film "Eat The Document")
Oslo Norway 03-30-07 2cds
Brussels 04-06-07 2cds

Rarities 1970-2001 1cd


Cleveland OH 12-05-79 1cd (radio)


LA CAL. 11-17-90 1cd
Hartfort CT. 05-08-00 3cds
Detroit 09-09-99 3cds
Stockholm 03-13-96 2cds (acoustic)
Freehold NJ 11-08-96 2cds (acoustic)
Lost Masters 77-83 2cds
Born to Run Outtakes 1cd
Acoustic Tales 11-16-90 2cds
New Jersey 12-17-00 2cds
New Jersey 12-18-00 2cds
MTV VMA 08-29-02 VCD 1cd
St.Louis MO 08-30-02 2cds
Dallas Tx 11-03-02 2cds
I need a little More 1cd(piano songs)
The Ties that Bind 1cd
Im Turning into Elvis 1cd
Berlin 1cd
Saint,Incident,E. Str. Shuffle 2cds
Cleveland 10-02-04 2cds(w/REM,John Fogerty)
St. Paul MN 10-05-04 2cds(w/REM,John Fogerty)
Both shows above in dvd as well
Chicago IL 05-11-05 2cds
Stockholm Sweden 10-30-06 2cds
Vancouver BC 03-31-08 2cds*
Toronto ON 07-26-84 1dvd
New York NY 10-18-07 2cds
Devils and Dust TV Appearances 1dvd
Fife Washington 07-24-01 2cds

Tokyo 74 1cd

San Fran CA Fillmore E. 1970 w/filler 1cd

TV Appearances 1 DVD


Live @ the Basement Sydney Australia 03-27-06 1 DVD

New York Bonds-unknown date 2cds
New York NY 02-21-79 1cd
Passaic NJ 03-08-80 1cd
Passaic NJ 03-08-80 1dvd
Lochem Holland 05-20-82 1cd
Kingston Jamacia 11-27-82 1cd

Seattle 08-15-02 2cds


Houston TX 2cds-fm broadcast
Live in Camden 06-06-05 2cds(radio broadcast)
Auburn hills MI 02-22-06 1cd

London UK 05-05-05 2cds

Westbury NY 04-19-68 1cd
Detroit 05-08-70 2cds
Isle of Wight 04-29-70 1cd
Matrix Tapes 4cds
Dance on Fire 1vcd

Toronto Ont. 04-01-04 2cds
Birmingham UK 11-20-03 2cds
Manchester UK 07-10-02 2cds
Storytellers 08-23-99 1 VCD
Offenbach Germany 06-08-97 2cds


Nottingham UK 04-17-07 2cds

Toronto 08-10-01 3cds

Berts Bar S.Carolina 12-04-02 3cds


Devon PA 12-02-96 2cds

Toronto ONT 06-11-06 2cds

Sacramento CA 02-26-00 1cd

02-07-02 Austin TX. 1cd

Hamilton Ont. 02-08-03 1cd
Toronto ON 11-23-04 1dvd

07-06-02 Sherman NY 1cd
01-13-02 2cds
03-10-03 Toronto ON 2cds
Willie P. Bennett Solo
Aylmer ON 08-19-06 1cd

BBC - In Concert 1970 1cd
Japan 03-30-98 2cds(w/ Billy Joel)
Wilkes Barre 10-18-00 2cds

Find my Way Home 69 2cds


VH1 Storytellers 1 DVD

Kind of Blues 2cds
Columbus OH 07-12-04 1DVD

Cleveland 05-11-86 1cd radio broadcast

New York 93 1cd

Live Unknown 1cd

Mtn. View CA 1cd

The Hague 06-03-82 1cd (w/Mick Jagger)

Beware of ABCKO Demos 1cd
Acetates & Alternative 1cd
Acetates & Alternatives Vol 2 1cd

Made in Chicago PBS 1972 1cd

Bridgeport CT. 09-09-00 2cds


Faenza Italy July 06

Portlamd MN 06-14-01 1cd
Chicago IL 02-16-01 1cd
London Ont. 09-19-01 2cds

Boulder CO.11-01-77 1cd

Covers 1cd
Tennesse 09-07-01 2cds
Florida 09-08-01 2cds

Paris France 05-03-72 4cds sbd

St.Louis 05-06-74 2cds
Electric Lady Recordings NY 01-16-75 1cd Quad FM
Winnipeg 06-30-00 2cds
Darien Lake NY 08-18-00 2cds
Tacoma WA 07-26-02 2cds

Minneapolis MS 11-20-79 1cd
Detroit MI 09-26-80 1cd (w/ filler)
Clarkston MI 08-25-03 1cd w/ The Stooges
Funhouse Sessions 1cd

Hamburg Germany 10-28-93 2cds

Electric Ladyland Studios San Fran CA 76 1cd


Video Story 1970-2003 2 DVD
Treasure of a Man 4cds(1970-2003)
Rarities 1cd
1986 Best of Compilation 2cds
Sessions @ AOL 1cd
Live Rarities 1970-2005 5cds
James Taylor on TV 1993 1DVD
1996 Tour Rehearsals 2cds
New York 01-25-71 1cd
BBC 71 w/ Carole King and Jo Mama 2 DVD
New York 02-05-70 1cd(w/Carole King)
Port Chester NY 05-16-70 1cd
London UK 10-29-70 1cd(w/Joni Mitchell)(br>
New York 01-25-71 1cd
Oakland CA 1972 1cd (By The Bay)
New York 05-26,27-74 1cd
Pittsburg PA 07-25-76 1cd Flac
July 76 2cds
Dallas TX 06-26-77 2cds
Hollywood Palladium 77 1cd
Cayahuga Falls OH 07-07-79 1 DVD
New York NY 05-21-81 SBD 1cd -Flac
Memphis TN 08-14-82 2cds
San Jose CA 05-09-84 2cds
Oklahoma City OK 09-05-84 2cds
Live in Rio 01-12-85 1cd
Amsterdam 03-24-86 1cd-fm broadcast
Milwaukee WI 08-08-86 2cds
Rishon Letzion Israel FM Broadcast 1cd Flac
Boston 1988 1cd "Beantown"
New York 09-23-89 2cds
LA Cal 10-31-91 2cds
Milan Italy 06-24-92 1 DVD
Boston MA 07-16-93 1cd
Concord CA 09-17-93 2cds
Ohne Filter 93 1cd
New York 06-25-97 Live By Request A&E 1 DVD
Glasgow Scotland 01-27-98 2cds
New York 05-30-98 2cds
New York 05-30-98 1 DVD Proshot
Hamburg Germany 05-20-99 2cds
Montreaux Switzerland 07-15-99 2cds
Chicago IL Aug. 01 2cds
Colorado 09-01-01 2cds
CMT Crossroads w/Dixie Chicks 08-31-02 1 DVD
Boston radio Show 10-23-02 1cd
Bridge School Benefit 10-26,27-02 1cd
London UK 03-25-03 (radio)1cd
Tanglewood MA 05-06-03 1cd
Darien Lake NY 07-17-03 2cds
Dallas TX 06-06-04 1cd
Paris France 03-07-04 2cds
George WA 08-27-05 2cds
VFC Iowa City Iowa 10-05-04 2cds (w/Dixie Chicks)
Clearwater FL 03-06-06 2cds
Buffalo NY 05-02-06 2cds
Iowa City Iowa 08-11-06 1cd Flac
Chicago IL 10-20-06 2cds
London UK 04-24-07 2cds
Rotterdam 07-11-09 1 dvd- proshot
Philly PA 06-10-10 2 DVD(w/Carole King)

Unsurpassed Studio Outtakes 1cd
Stockholm Sweden 01-09-69 "Killing Floor" 2cds
Maui 1970 2cds
Atlanta Pop Festival 07-04-70 2cds

San Fran CA Jerry Garcia w/Howard Wales 1970 1cd
Washington DC 03-18-78 2cds

Blowing My Blues Away 4cds

Vancouver BC 02-17-01 1cd

Dinkelsbuhl Germany 07-05-86 1cd
New York 04-26-93 1cd

Kingsville ON 06-05-04 1cd
Leamington ON 08-28-04 1cd
Pelee Island Westview tavern 09-11-04 2cds
St. Clair Shores MI 09-16-04 1cd

John Lee Hooker w/Friends 1 VCD
Chicago IL 11-06-76 1cd(w/filler)
Colden NY 04-04-79 1cd
Switzerland 07-15-83 1cd
Mill Valley CA 92 1cd

Nashville Skyline Sessions 1969 w/B. Dylan 1cd
Johnny Cash TV 1DVD(various artists)
San Quinten Live 1 DVD
Behind Prison Walls 1 DVD
London UK 03-31-86 2cds
New York 09-07-96 1cd
American Outtakes 1cd

The Far Road-Bristol UK 1cd

American Masters TV Series 2 VCD
Joni and Company 1 DVD

Canada Jam 1978 1cd

Lost Kinks Album 1cd
Queen Bitch 75-77 1cd
On Holiday 72 1cd
Minny 02-17-79 2cds
Detroit MI 08-10-79 1cd
Minneapolis MN 09-15-79 1cd
Cuyahoga Falls OH 09-05-85 1cd
Chicago Il 03-08-87 1cds
Ray Davies Live in New York 2000 2cds
Ray Davies VH1 Storytellers 1 DVD
London UK 01-21-72 BBC 1 DVD


VH1 Legends 1 DVD
San Fran 04-27-69 2cds(Jimmy Page Experience)
London UK 01-1970 2cds Sbd
New York NY 02-12-75 2cds(Flying Circus)
Cleveland OH 04-27-77 2cds(Destroyer)
Stairway sessions 1cd

Philly PA 03-5-05 1 DVD

Woodstock 1cd

Hempstead NY 09-19-74 1cd

Unplugged 1cd
Woodstock 94 1cd
Supernatural 1cd


Miami Fl 04-24-93 1cd sbd
Austin TX 03-16-95 1cd
Berkeley CA 09-26-98 1cd
Texas 08-11-01 2cds
2001 Essence Tour Comp 3cds
Berlin Germany 05-16-03 2cds
Tampa Bay FL. 06-09-03 1cd
Columbus OH 06-14-03 1cd
PBS July 03 1 dvd w/Kasey Chambers
San Fran CA 11-20,22,23-03 7cds
Vancouver BC 06-25-05 2cds
Dallas TX 09-22-05 3cds
05 Unreleased Songs Compilation 1cd

Bonnaroo 06-12-05 1dvd

Toronto ONT 03-16-08 2cds

The Basement Sydney Australia 1 DVD

New York 1990 1cd

Austin Texas 08-12-04 1dvd


Bluesology 63-73 1cd
LA Cal 05-26-73 1cd
Montreux Jazzfest 06-30-74 1cd
Montreux 1980 Remastered 2cds
Essen Germany 04-04-82 1DVD
Detroit MI 11-07-06 2cds

Boston Mass. 06-03-93 1cd
Birmingham UK 06-01-98 1cd
Birmingham UK 06-03-98 1cd
Annapolis MD 02-18-99 1cd

New York 04-26-2 2cds

Detroit 05-01-02 2cds
Atlanta 05-13-02 2cds sbd.
Glastonbury UK 04 1cdLive at the Roundhouse 2cds date unknown?


Against-Holland 07-16-93 1cd (w/Neil Young)
Washington DC 1-14-95 2cds (w Neil set)
Self Pollution Live 1cd
Unplugged 1cd
Bridge Benefit 10-20-01 1cd
Bridge benefit 10-21-01 1cd
Eddie Vedder Chicago Nov 99 1cd
Las Vegas 06-06-03 2cds
Detroit 06-25-03 2cds
Toronto 06-28-03 2cds
Bridge Benefit 10-25,26-03 1cd
Toledo OH 10-02-04 2cds(w/Neil Young)
Nove Rock Festival Austria 2007  2cds
VH1 Storytellers  New York 05-31-06 1 DVD

Farm Aid 10-03-98 1dvd (w/Neil Young)
East Troy WI 07-08-00 3cds


Roger Waters 09-18-06 2cds
Roger Waters New York 05-30-07 2cds
David Gilmour 03-07-06 London UK 1 DVD
David Gilmour 04-04-06 New York 2cds
Pulse 1 DVD
New York 02-28-80 2cds
Pittsburg 05-31-94 2cds
BBC Sessions 67-71 4cds
Live in Pompei 71 VCD 2cds
Dark Side Live 1cd
KQED Studios 1970 1cd

10-31-88 Japan 1 DVD

Belfort France 02-07-04 1 DVD

Austin City Limits 1 DVD

Towson MD 07-22-02 3cds

Ahoy Rotterdam 10-16-95 1cd

Toronto ON 03-30-07 3cds

Virginia Mtn. Stage 2cds
MTV Unplugged New York 05-21-01 2cds
Cleveland OH 10-02-04 2cds(w/B. Springsteen)
St.Paul MN 10-05-04 2cds(w/B.Springsteen)

Beatles & Stones Sing This All Together 2cds
Tattoo You Sessions 1cd
C***sucker Blues 1DVD
Mixed Poison 1 DVD
Beggars Banquet Outtakes 1cd
Live at Leeds 03-13-71 1cd
Vancouver 06-03-72 2cds
The Loveliest Night in Seattle 1972 2cds
Texas 06-24-72 1cd
Brussels Affair 73 2cds
Sydney Australia 02-26-73 1cd
LA Friday 75 2cds
Toronto 03-03,04-77 1cd
Short & Curlies Comp 2cds
Mick Solo Melbourne 1988 2 DVDs
Toronto 09-03-89 2cds (incomplete)
Foxboro Mass 09-28-89 2cds
Mick Jagger & the Red Devils May 92 1cd
Hampton VA 12-18-81 2cds
The Hague 06-03-82 1cd(w/G. Thorogood)
Unplugged 1cd
Pearls of Swine-78 Tour rehearsals 2cds
Double Door Chicago 09-18-97 1cd
Toronto 09-15-97 -Rehearsals 1cd
Don't Fuck with Me or Ill breathe on
you and you will die!12-12-97 3cds
Philly PA 09-22-02 2cds
Detroit 10-12-02 2cds
Atlanta GA 10-26-02 2cds
Tacoma WA 11-06-02 2cds
Detroit 08-31-05 2cds
VooDoo Lounge Sessions 2cds
Acoustic & Electric Motherfuckers 2cds
Laserated at the Cocktail Party 78 1cd
Reggae Stones- Paint it Black 1cd
Video clips 86-93&Palace Royale 1 VCD
Video& Live clips 1 VCD
MSG New York 01-18-03 VCD 2cds
Marquee Club 71 1 VCD
Stones-Voodoo Lounge 95 Japan 1dvd
Ladies & Gentlemen 72 NA tour 1dvd
05 Press conference 1dvd
Keith Richards & Winos Boston 02-13-93 1dvd(pro)

Austin City Limits Comp
10-14-88,10-18-94,01-16-97 1cd
San Fran CA 03-25-88 1cd
Santa Cruz CA 02-01-92 2cds SBD(late&early)
Berkeley CA 02-04-92 1cd
Berkeley CA 07-03-92 1cd
Santa Monica CA 05-25-95 1cd SBD
Houston TX 07-14-95 2cds SBD
Apos CA 08-07-95 2cds SBD
Santa Cruz CA 12-04-99 4cds SBD(late&early)
College Station TX 02-06-00 2cds SBD
 Winters CA 06-10-00 1cd SBD
Santa Cruz 12-02-00 1cd
Austin TX 03-16-01 1cd
Kumbaa Jazz Fest 11-09-01 2cds
New Orleans LO 07-29-04 2cds
Spotsylvania VA 05-21-05 1cd SBD
Spotsylvania VA 1cd

Berlin Germany 09-10-05 1 DVD

Englewood CO 08-24-02 2cds

London UK 1970 1cd

Detroit 09-18-04 1cd
Detroit 09-18-04 1dvd
Barrie ON 07-02-05 1cd-LIVE 8

Toronto 08-15-97 1cd w/filler


Live in San Antonio TX 1 DVD

Toronto ON 11-03-98 1cd(Trinity Sessions)
Rio de Jinerio 00 1cd


Hollywood 08-23-68 1cd
Paul Simon Unplugged 1cd
66-95 Compilation 3cds
Paul Simon London UK 11-05-06 1 DVD


Lucent Tech New Jersey 02-28-00 2cds(w/Ben & Sally Taylor) TAO

Austin City Limits Outtakes 1 DVD
Peace in the Valley 08-25-90 1cd
Vail CO. 06-30-87 2cd (w/filler of Jorma Kaukonen)

Dorset UK 01-30-83 2cds

New York 02-28-84 1 DVD
Oakland CA 02-21-02 early show 2cds

Chicago ILL 04-13-02 3cds


San Francisco CA 12-03-77 1cd

Santa Monica CA 07-01-99 1cd


KRO Radio 2- American Connection
11-28-05 Holland 1cd
OPL California 10-28-99 2cds

St. Louis MO 10-07-01 2cds sbd
LA Cal 06-06-04 1cd
Wellington New Zealand 12-27-04 1 dvd

Irish Dawn Chicago IL 04-16-76 1cd

Across a Crowded Room 1995 1 DVD

06-08-01 1 dvd

TV Appearances 1 DVD
Mtn View CA 06-05-87 2cds
Colorado 05-15-01 2cds
Detroit 07-12-01 2cds
L.A. Cal. 10-15-02 2cds-The Last DJ Live


Alice Demos 1cd
Stockholm 07-14-99 2cd
Detroit MI 08-11-06 1cd Flac
Cleveland OH 08-13-06 1cd Flac
Akron OH 08-13-06 1cd flac(radio broadcast)

Recovered Treasure 1cd

Connection-Neil Young covers 1cd

Electric Werewolf Strikes Again 2cds

Las Vegas NV 10-31-05 1DVD

Tokyo Japan 06-28-78 2cds


London UK 08-02-04 1 DVD (w/D. Rawlings)
Altlanta GA 02-16-07 2cds (w/D. Rawlings)
Mtn View Cal Bridge 2006 1 DVD

Detroit MI 11-02-01 1DVD
Columbus OH 11-12-03 2cds
Live @ 3RRR Rooftop Melbourne AU 01-30-02 1cd
Live @ 3JJJ 01- 24- 02 Sydney AU 1cd
Royal Oak MI 05-22-02 1cd

AGIB 04 Comp 4cds
American Stars& Bars 1cd
Carbondale IL 02-12-99 1cd
Carbondale IL 05-03-03 1cd
Toronto ONT. 12-04-08 1cd

Hawaii 02-27-91 1cd
Austin TX 05-28-88 1cd
Bridge Benefit 10-25-03 1cd


Sydney Australia 11-03-05 1 DVD


Belfort France 07-03-05 1 DVD


Roxy & Elsewhere 91+93 1cd Glastonbury & Elsewhere 1cd
The Vault 1&2 (rare covers and versions etc 2cds
Eat Me Completely 1cd
Live Rarities 1cd
Fully Completely Demos 1cd
Day for Night Demos 1cd
Kerfuffle(Gordie Rants)1cd
Ottawa 1988 1cd
London ON 07-01-89 1cd
Toronto 12-19-89 1cd
Windsor Ont 02-23-90 1cd
Waterloo Ont. 06-24-90 1cd
Netherlands 05-24-91 1cd
Ottawa ON 07-26-93 1cd
Boston 11-10-94 1cd
Boston 11-12-94 1cd
Brussels 12-05-94 1cd
Stockholm 12-07-94 1cd
Toledo Ohio 04-07-95 1cd(I WAS THERE)
Markham Ont. 07-22-95 2cd (I WAS THERE)
Dallas Tx 08-12-95 2cds
Denver CO 09-30-95 1cd
Wash DC 05-29-96 1cd
Dallas Tx 06-21-96 2cds
Buffalo NY 11-26-96 2cds
Netherlands 05-05-97 2cds
Netherlands 05-11-97 2cds
Chicago 06-08-98 1cd
London Ont. 07-07-98 1cd
New York 07-23-98 2cds
Boston 08-12-98 2cds w/filler from Havervill MA same day
Toledo Ohio 08-22-98 2cds
Winston-Salem NC 11-16-98 w/filler from Netherlands 05-07-97 2cds
Pittsburgh 10-02-98 2cds
New York 10-08-98 2cds
Milwaukee 12-12-98 2cds
Ottawa 02-08-99 2cds
Novi MI 02-11-99 1cd
Hamilton 02-17-99 2cds
Belgium 06-06-00 2cds
Chicago 06-13-00 1cd
Boston 06-29-00 2cds
Boston 06-30-00 2cds
Clarkston MI 07-15-00 2cds(I WAS THERE)
Fort Collins Co 10-27-00 2cds I need a replacement!
Detroit 12-02-00 2cds(I WAS THERE)
Ottawa 12-06-00 2cds
Buffalo 12-20-00 2cds
Toronto 02-20-02 2cds
Toronto 06-12-02 IVL radio broadcast 1cd
Halifax NS 06-30-02 2cds
St. Johns NFLD 07-02-02 2cds
Sarnia Ontario 07-12-02 2cds(I WAS THERE)
Sarnia Soundcheck 07-12-02 1cd
HOB Chicago 07-16-02 2cds
Sommerville MA 07-28-02 2cds VCD
Sommerville MA 07-27-02 2cds VCD
Walkerton Ontario 09-02-02 cds
Vancouver 09-20-02 2cds
Toronto 10-16-02 2cds
Hamilton 12-30-02 2cds
Hamilton 12-31-02 2cds
Darien Lake NY 07-23-04 2cds
Syracuse NY 09-23-04 2cds
Grand Rapids MI 10-30-04 2cds
Moncton NB 09-03-05 1cd
Stratford ON 09-09-06 2cds- I WAS THERE
Barrie ON 01-25-07 2cds
Barrie ON 01-26-07 2cds
Detroit 04-13-07 2cds- I WAS THERE
Erie PA 05-18-07 2cds
Towson MD 05-19-07 2cds


Gord Downie w/Dinner is Ruined -Arlington VA 08-04-01 1dvd
Halifax NS- Misty Moon 1990 1 DVD
Markham ON 07-24-93 1dvd
Toronto ON Kumbaya Fest 09-05-93 1 DVD
Toronto MWB w/Queen Jubilee 10-21-01 1 DVD
Englewood CO 08-07-02 1dvd
Victoria BC 09-16-02 1dvd
Toronto ON 10-15-02 1dvd
Brussels 11-05-02 1dvd
Hamilton Ont. 12-31-02 1dvd
Barrie ON 09-06-03 1dvd
Detroit MI 09-18-04 1dvd
Toronto ON 11-26-04 1dvd
Live 8 Barrie ON 1dvd
Grabbag Collection Vol 1,2 &3- 3 dvd
Utrecht Netherlands 07-12-06 1dvd

Dublin 12-31-89 2cds
Sarajevo 09-23-97 2cds
Mexico City 12-03-97 2 DVDs
Elevation Tour 2001 Rehearsals 2cds
Boston 06-09-01 2cds
New York 10-25-01 2cds
San Diego CA 03-28-05 2cds

Amsterdam 09-29-69 2cds
UK 06-12-76 1cd
Pete Townsend Fillmore east 04-30-96 1cd
Pete Townsend w/Eddie Vedder Chicago 07-29-99 1cd
Mountain View CA 10-31-99 1cd
Pete Townsend California 06-23-01 2cds
Pete Townsend Woodstock 08-15-98 2 dvd
09-28-02 Toronto 2cds sbd
12-04-06 Toronto ON 2cds
Legends and Keith Moon Behind the Music VH1 1DVD
Live 8 London UK 1DVD

  I don't grade my shows and here is why!
I can't possibly give an accurate rating on shows
as everyones opinion is different.

I try to trade only good sounding shows. If I think its kinda poor or has a problem Ill try and let you know. Please get in touch as soon as poosible if a disc(s) I sent you has something wrong so we can fix the problem right away.

Its all about the music!


Toronto 10-21-01
Our Lady Peace,Bruce Cockburn,
Alanis Morrsette, Barenaked Ladies,
The Tragically Hip. 3cds

Jill Solube,Ben Harper,
Dave Matthews,Pearl Jam,
Tracy Chapman, Neil Young 6cds

Wally Heiders Studio
San Fran 70-71 2cds


Vote For Change Finale 1dvd

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 88- All Artists 1 DVD

Paul Simon & Bruce Springsteen and Friends Homeless Childerns Medical Benefit 12-13-87 New York 2cds

Harry Chapin,James Taylor,Gordon Lightfoot & John Denver -Detroit MI -10-15-77 3cds

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